Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evolution of a Design (part 5): Response to Submission

To make this long story a bit shorter, they said "no thanks."  But that's not all. What they really said was "no thanks, but we'd like to provide yarn support for your beautiful blanket," provided I was planning to self-publish. Yarn support! So I would be able to touch this yarn and see it knit up into this cute-but-not-cutesy baby blanket. To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

The yarn arrived, and I've just begun preparing it for knitting. I'm still working on another project, and I haven't quite finished writing up the instructions for this one, so it'll be a bit before the knitting is truly underway. Still, check out the gorgeous yarns I get to play with. This is the DK Everlasting.  Beautiful, soft, and washable!

And now for the close-ups.
How perfect is this for the snail shells? Colorway: Tidewater

Also Tidewater, all balled up. Pretty, isn't it?

Colorway: Gilt. This will be the border and the snails' bodies.

Colorway: Tart looks much different on my screen than it does in person.
It's a gorgeous green, not quite so electric as I see it here,
but also not totally subdued. (It'll be the grass.)

And the perfect name for sky ... Colorway: Heavenly
Up next? Rethinking the intarsia-only option...

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