Currently, all of my patterns are available via my Ravelry store.  A few are available at Knit Picks (where they are a bit less expensive - and marked with an asterisk), and a few are available on Patternfish.

Here's a preview of what you'll find:

Meow! Cat Hat
This is the one that started it all!

Buy the pattern now: Meow!*
The Among the Bamboo Collection

Buy the patterns now: Afghan*, Washcloth Trio, Bibs*
Click on the link above to read about the clever technique used to create the pockets in this great scarf!

Buy the pattern now: Bolsillo*
Free Patterns
In addition to for-sale patterns, I've got a few that are free.  I know!  Can you stand it?  Free patterns?!?  And free patterns that have been tested and work?  Yeah - that's how much I'm enjoying this design thing!

Some of my free patterns are available to download in pdf form.  Others will be embedded in posts on this blog.  Either way, you've come to the right place if you're wanting to check them out!  I just ask two things of you - one option and one not-at-all optional. Optional: If you knit an object using these designs, I'd sure love to see a photo.  All of these patterns have been posted to Ravelry, so making a project page is one good way to show me what you've done.  Posting a photo in the comments on the blog works, too! Not-at-all Optional: Respect copyright and don't distribute the instructions (that includes posting them on your own blog) - I love that you want to share, just please link folks back to this blog.

Border Checks (washcloth) 
 Dundee Hill Shrug 
 Nook Cozy
Washing with the King of the Jungle (washcloth)