Saturday, June 11, 2011

Design Inspiration from the Internet

Okay, so maybe I was wrong the other day - maybe I really will be sharing some of these more whimsical things. But only when it makes sense. Only when it has some relevance to my designing/knitting. Only when it will give more insight into how my "design mind" works. If I see something that gives me an idea, and if I feel that idea simply can't be kept to myself, then I'll share it here.

Like this.

Airigami: The Fine Art of Balloon Sculpture by Larry Moss.

For those who'd rather not read the whole post I did, this short video gives a glimpse into what I saw and am now going crazy about:

First of all, I think this is kind of neat. I'm a teeny-tiny bit enthralled by the ideas
a) that someone would have the patience to put something like this together. And then I think about how much time knitting takes and I realize that knitting requires patience, too. So really, it's that
b) someone would create art that can't possibly have a shelf-life of more than a few days. Tops. Amazing!

Still, as I was admiring the work and marveling at the willingness of the artist, the thing that was really foremost in my mind was ...

"Huh. I wonder if I have the skill to design a knit object that mimics some of the great art of the world? Or maybe some of my favorite photographs?"

And now I've got even more design ideas bungling around my head. Which just makes me wonder if I'll ever have the time to knit the sweater I've been promising to myself for over a year?

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